Go On, Get

Today my therapist broke up with me. Or as I texted my best friend after, "I've been Harry and the Hendersons-ed."

She tried to pass it off as I was doing "great," exhibiting  "coping skills" and "mindfulness," but I'm skeptical.

So here I am, world. Exposed to the elements, a week after starting a side business (this one! that you're here for!) and days before starting fertility treatments. NO STRESS HERE.

If you've never seen the above clip, it's from the BBC's Life Story, and I HIGHLY recommend you click this link. So much drama, so much Winnie the Pooh-like narration.

Spoiler alert: the baby goose LIVES. He jumps off the cliff because nature is CRAZY, sails triumphantly for a brief moment, then tumbles violently down the cliff. 

You're certain he dies, but he doesn't! It's all part of being a baby barnacle goose. Some of them die, but some of them don't. 

So anyway, let's DO THIS.